Welcome in the Centres space Register your Centre ICAN is a professional network of Centres of outdoor Activities. If you wish to reference your centre with the ICAN Network, this membership is subject to some conditions. To be member of the ICAN network, the structure has : 1. To apply the ICAN Quality charter. 2. To post the ICAN label on its website (with a direct link towards www.ican.ws) , its Facbook page and in its office/shop 3. To have ICAN certified monitors in each activity presented on the ICAN website 4. To be active in communication, in particular by relaying important information broadcast on the ICAN network (general to the network or in connection with one of the activities of the center) on its own social networks. Being a member of the ICAN Network allows you : - To appear on the network (with a direct link towards the website of your structure). - To use the "ICAN quality label" giving evidence of a quality of service. - To benefit from the ICAN's communication network to spread your events and information. - To benefit from privileged conditions with the ICAN partners. - To deliver certifications of personal level to persons practising the activities (subject to the fact of having a qualified monitor within your centre).
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Siege Social : ICAN Ltd - 32 Mallefille Avenue, Quatre Bornes - Mauritius (+33) 614 53 03 26 contact@ican.ws
You wish to obtain the label "ICAN TRAINING CENTRE": contact us
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